Is It Bad To Use Lids That Do Not Fit On The Pot?

Using a large lid on the pot is usually not that much of a problem. But this can cause a big problem during boiling water. 

Boiling water increases the pressure inside the pot. This pressure causes lid jiggles. Because of these jiggles, the lid hits the pot again and again. It can cause serious problems.

While working in the kitchen, we often forget to keep the lid of the pot somewhere. And then hurriedly use another pot’s lid to cover the cooking pot. 

Incorrect lid size is not a problem, but glass lids can be an issue.The main problem is that the lid moves during cooking as the pressure increases and decreases.This causes the lid to keep rattling.

When a sheet pan or frying pan won’t give a snug fit, a double sheet of foil might be used as a lid.

In this article, we will know whether this carelessness of ours can harm us. We will also learn the use of a lid and when not to use the lid while cooking.

Why We Should Not Use A Large Lid On The Pot?

We commonly use a big lid to cover the pot if we do not find the right lid. We ignore its consequences because, in 90 percent of cases, nothing serious happens. 

Using a large lid can cause the following consequences. 

Firstly, the lid’s grooves don’t hold the edges of the pot. Consequently, water vapors move out of the atmosphere. 

If you are cooking some sauces, then their bubbles can stain your stove and kitchen walls.

Why We Should Not Use A Large Lid On The Pot?
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The large lid can easily slip from the pot and flop on your stove. Steam is constantly going in the environment. 

As a result, your food can take much time to cook. Your stove heats your big lid and you can’t handle this large heated lid.

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What Can I Use Instead Of A Lid On A Pot?

You can use the following things to cover the pot instead of a large lid. These things might prove helpful for you.

Baking Sheet: 

We can also use a baking sheet alternatively. It can also work as a lid. It’s bulkier than foil paper and a lid but it is an old method to cover the pot if the lid doesn’t exist.


You can use a double sheet of foil paper to cover the pot. It’s definitely difficult to use it, but it effectively traps the heat and steam in the pot.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Lid On A Pot?

Frying pan:

Surprisingly you can use a pan as a lid to cover your pot. It doesn’t give a tight-fitting seal, but it is better to use a frying pan in spite of a big lid.

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Can You Cook Without A Lid?

We can cook with or without the lid. It entirely depends upon the food that we are cooking.

If you are frying oil in the pot, then try to cook without a lid because the lid traps the steam and heat in the pot. This steam can interact with cooking oil, and cause splashing of oil.

Cooking food without a lid enhances the crisping and browning of food. Crisping and browning are the two main key taste enhancers in frying. Cooking without a lid also reduces the water amount in the food.

Can You Cook Without A Lid?
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That’s why experts never use a lid during frying.

Although, if you want to cook food faster, don’t remove the lid. Because the lid traps the heat and steam in the pot, this steam enhances pressure in the cooking pot which results in fast cooking.

Always use a lid, if you want not to evaporate water from your food. The lid traps the steam in the pot.

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We’ve all made the mistake of using a large lid to cover a pot at one time or another. Especially when we are busy cooking and forget the lid somewhere. This large lid heats up quickly and is difficult to handle.

Sometimes heat evolves from the pot from its edges because the lid doesn’t perfectly tighten the edges of the pot. 

Consequently, we should avoid using a large lid to cover the pot

Avoid covering the pot during frying and boiling water. After reading this article, you will know when you should cover the pot and when not.

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What makes water boil faster?

Putting a lid on the pot traps heat in it. This increases the temperature in the pot. This increased temperature boils the water faster. But when the water starts boiling, remove the lid to avoid any bad situation.

Why do pots have glass lids?

Because it’s easy to examine the food from glass lids. You can check whether the food is burning or not with a glass lid and it also traps the heat and water inside the pot.

What is the purpose of a lid on a pot?

A lid helps in fast cooking and energy saving. Because a lid never allows heat to go outside in the environment. Consequently, this increased temperature in the pot helps in fast cooking.

How do you lift the lid from a pan to avoid a burn?

Always take great caution when you are lifting the lid of a boiling pot. Keep the mouth of the lid to the wall during lifting to avoid steam burns because steam burns worse than water burns. Because steam has more heat than boiling water.

Can you use a lid that is bigger than a pot?

We generally use a large lid to cover the pot if the exact lid never exists. It usually doesn’t have any side effects. But it gets too hot to hold. And it doesn’t cover the pot properly due to which heat and steam evaporates. It can cause serious problems when the liquid is boiling in the pot.

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