Should The Top Of My Gas Stove Be Hot?

Are you worried that your stove top getting too hot can cause harm? Is this a normal thing or is it a sign of danger?

It’s absolutely normal to get hot on the gas stove top. You shouldn’t worry about this. Gas stoves use flames to cook food. And it’s common sense that flames will heat up the stovetop as well as the food.

When cooking, it is natural for a cooking surface to feel warm or even hot to the touch.

This can be a typical occurrence if you’ve been cooking in the oven and the cooktop is too hot.

After switching off the gas stove, you may feel hotness on the surface of the stove. I know this is surprising for you.

This heat is due to the standing pilot light under the gas stove. It is used to ignite flame. Because of its constant burning, you feel the surface of the stove a little warm.

This article will tell you that it is normal for the surface of the burning gas stove to heat up. It will also tell you why the surface of the stove remains hot even after it is turned off. And why sometimes your stovetop catches fire?

Is The Hot Stovetop Normal Even After Turning It Off?

The gas stove takes at least 15-20 minutes to cool after turning off. But sometimes you will feel that even after switching off the stove, its surface must remain slightly warm.

Yes, you read right after turning off the stove, the stovetop feels warm. It happens due to standing pilot lights present under gas stoves.

Is The Hot Stovetop Normal Even After Turning It Off?
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In gas appliances, the pilot light serves as an ignition source. This small flame is always burning. When we light the gas stove, this small light ignites the gas.

It not only ignites the gas but also prevents the gasses from leaking.

This is the reason why the surface of the stove remains hot even when it is switched off.

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Do Big Pots Also Cause The Stovetop To Heat Up?

Use a pot that fits on the stove. The bigger pot traps the heat between itself and the stove. It will heat the stovetop. So, avoid using a pot bigger than the stove size.

It is normal for the surface of the stove to become hot. But if it exceeds a safe level, it can prove dangerous for your stove.

Do Big Pots Also Cause The Stovetop To Heat Up?
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You shouldn’t keep a large pan on the stove for constant cooking. Because the trapped heat not only heats up the surface but can also leave stains on the surface. 

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Temperature Of Different Stoves:

The hotness of the flame depends upon the type of stove. The electric stove gets hot easily as we turn it on. It will boil the water faster than the other stoves. 

The stove flame reaches a very high temperature in a very short time. The induction stove has a lower temperature range as compared to the gas stove.

Stove TypeTemperature
Gas stoveIts flame can reach up to 3542°F (1950°C) in the case of natural gas.
Electric StoveElectric stove small coil can reach up to 932°F to 1112°F (500°C to 600°C) temperature.
Induction StoveThe induction stove can get hot up to 662°F (350°C).

Why Do Stovetops Catch Fire?

It is very common for the stove surface to heat up while cooking. It is obvious that when the fire burns on top of the stove, its upper part will be hot. But sometimes it catches fire.

Oil, food particles, and many other things drop on the surface of a stove. When we don’t clean the stovetop before cooking. These start burning as the flame increases. Consequently, they catch fire.

Why Do Stovetops Catch Fire?

Electric stoves can also catch fire due to some malfunction in the stove. If the coil range element of an electric stove becomes damaged or loose, the stove may catch fire.

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What Should We Do If Our Stovetop Catches Fire?

You can follow some suggestions as your stovetop catches fire. 

  • In case your stovetop catches fire, quickly turn off the stove.
  • Take the cooking utensils from the stove.
  • Cover the flame with a metal lid or cookie sheet. As the supply of oxygen stops, the flame also stops.
  • Use baking soda and salt on the small flames of fire to stop them.
  • Use a fire extinguisher as a result of high flames.
What Should We Do If Our Stovetop Catches Fire?

Safety precautions:

Moderate Cookware Size:

A large-sized pot traps the heat between the stove and the pot. So, always choose cookware according to your stove size.

Keep the stove on only when working:

Sometimes even after cooking, we don’t switch off the stove. This mistake can cost us dearly. Running for a while doesn’t hurt much. If it remains on for too long then it will not only burn the stove but can also burn the whole kitchen.

Keep the stove on only when working:

Open the windows:

Keep trying to open windows and vents of the kitchen while cooking. Because it keeps the temperature moderate in the kitchen.

Moderate Flame:

Try to cook at a medium flame. Never increase the flame from the safe limit. Because it will heat up the stovetop.

Put Away The Flammable Things:

Never put any flammable thing near the stove flame. It can easily catch fire when it accidentally touches the flame of the gas stove.


The hot surface of a burning stove is not a hazard as it never exceeds the safe limit. Gas stoves use the flame to cook food. These flames heat the surface of the stove.

The stovetop can catch fire due to oil, food particles, and contaminants present on it. This will happen when we don’t clean the stove before cooking.

Gas stoves have standing pilot lights that are used for ignition. They are always burning under the stove. That’s why we feel the surface hot even when the stove is not burning.

We should always take precautions when cooking on the stove. Because our little blunder can cost us dearly.


What is the temperature at different knobs of the gas stove?

You can control the flame of gas stoves by using its knobs. You can change the flame from low to medium and then medium to high. It depends on you at what temperature you want to cook the food.

 High, high medium, medium, and low flames have 375°F, 330°F, 300°F, and 275°F temperature respectively.

What is the normal color of flame on a gas stove?

The flame color of a gas stove will be gentle blue in case you are using natural gas. The flame will also be blue with yellow tips when using LP gas. 

If you see any change in flame color whether it is too low or too high. Check your stove from the instructor 

Is it unsafe to leave the stove on?

Leaving the stove for less than an hour doesn’t have serious effects. But if you leave the stove on too long it could be very dangerous. 

The running flame heats up the stovetop and also increases the temperature in the kitchen. The gas stove also releases many harmful glasses which are health hazards.

 It not only burns the stove but can burn your kitchen. You shouldn’t show any carelessness while working on the stove.

How long does the stove top stay hot?

Some glass-top stoves feature an indicator light that goes off once a specific burner has cooled to the point where it is safe to touch again. Stove burners can take at least 15 minutes to cool down after turning off.

Is my stove really that hot?

Analyse the pan size. Heat will be trapped between the pan’s bottom and the stove’s surface in oversized pans. The hob will receive a lot of heat from this. Overhanging pans shouldn’t extend past any surface hob by more than an inch on either side.

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